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Want a gorgeous complexion? Here's how

Dr Parul Kolhe | July 20, 2005

I have dark circles.'

'My tan is uneven and refuses to fade.'

'I have lots of pimples... help!'

Does this sound familiar?

Get Ahead skincare expert Dr Parul Kolhe tells you how to tackle your skin woes.

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image Ever since I got back from the beach (it's been five to six months now), I have not been able to overcome my tan. My complexion is getting darker and more lifeless by the day.

I used to have a very fair complexion. My skin has a dry T-zone, which is slightly darker than the rest of my face.

Also, my dark circles are getting more prominent. 

-- Bhawna Jaggi

i. Try using a good sunscreen like Spectraban or Banana Boat (available at the chemist's/beauty stores) at least three to four times a day.

ii. Preferably, avoid the sun altogether.

iii. Use Eukroma cream (available at the chemist's) at night.

iv. Have plenty of citrus fruits in your diet.

v. Have green tea, which has lots of antioxidants.

vi. If this does not help, you may have some hormonal imbalance which causes pigmentation. You should consult a dermatologist.

I am 23 years old. I have normal skin and a slightly oily T-zone. My problem is that my face has healthy skin but it lacks a glow.

I have a long nose and I'd like to know how I should sublime its look on my face. I cannot use much make-up. On a daily basis, I wear moisturiser and a lip colour. What should I do to make my face more attractive?

-- Aashima

The glow comes from the inside.

i. Drink lots of water.

ii. Exercise daily as this improves blood circulation.

iii. Detoxify by loading yourself with citrus fruits, green vegetables and fresh juices.

You can make your nose look less prominent by applying matte powder and blending it onto the surrounding skin.

I have a very fine and slight layer of hair on my upper lip. Can you suggest some home remedies that will remove the hair and clear it on a long term basis?

-- Sonali

Sorry to disappoint you but, in my experience, no home remedies have proven effective for permanent hair removal.

For a permanent solution, you will have to try laser treatments.

I am 23 years old. I have pimples and my skin has also become dark. Could you suggest a facial?
How can I get rid of my pimples as early as possible? How do I improve my complexion? 
Are there any side effects in a doing a facial? Is bleach harmful for the skin?
-- Manorama
Try using Hyde cream every night mixed with Retino-A (both are available at the chemist's). If you have pus in your pimples, meet a dermatologist urgently for guidance on antibiotic therapy.
For you, a facial must be done using oil-free products and under strict sterile conditions or your acne may worsen. Instead of a beauty parlour, try the face treatments being offered by dermatologists nowadays.
Bleaching is not harmful provided you use a very good quality product and do not apply on broken or irritated skin. Do a test patch first (apply a little bleach on the inner side for your wrist and wait to see if there is a reaction).

I am 19 years old. I have a skin problem and would love your help and advice. I have black knees and elbows. My skin too is pretty dry. I would love to wear minis but I feel very embarrassed.

I have tried lots of homemade stuff plus Vitamin E oils lotions etc but nothing seems to work. Please suggest a quick remedy.

-- Shweta

i. Apply Melalite Forte cream (available at the chemist's) at bedtime on your knees and elbows.

ii. Use a sunscreen to prevent further darkening.

iii. Use an exfoliating scrub (available at the chemist's/beauty stores) twice a week.

I am 23-year-old from Goa. What is the best way to use a sunscreen lotion? Can you recommend one?

I don't use or apply anything on my face. I wash my face twice using Dove Soap. I'm totally tanned. Please advise.

--  Natasha

Sunscreens have to be applied every two hours or so, even if you are in the shade, as reflected UV rays can damage your skin too.

i. Use liberally; about a one rupee coin sized blob for an area as big as your face.

ii. Apply powder afterwards if you find the sunscreen too sticky.

iii. Apply at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun.

Use sunscreens with SPF 15-30 like Spectraban, Suncross, Elovera-SPF or Banana Boat (available at the chemist's/beauty stores). 

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