M U K E S H oP A R P I A N I

P R A D E E P oC H A N D R A

H E M A N T oP I T H W A

Three leading Bombay photographers
show off their work

P R A D E E Po C H A N D R A

News photographs are often treated as adjuncts to the word but many of Pradeep Chandra's photographs have taken the shape of a narrative. In them, events take on new meanings so that pomp and splendour are exposed to the merciless eyes of irony, and the humble is rendered triumphal. To me, his special gift lies in his sympathy for the human face. I remember his brilliant portrait of Yahuda Amichai, poet laureate of Israel in which he captured the quiet intensity of the poet. His recent exhibition of photographsof the displaced persons of Kashmir was poignant and moving without exoticising their predicament.

It is often said that once photography arrived, art was liberated to reinvent the world. This view neglects the fact that the camera also recreates the cosmos it captures.

Chandra has participated in this project creating images that are simultaneously personal and universal.

Jerry Pinto


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