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Minority commission to discuss Nanavati report

August 09, 2005 19:12 IST

The National Commission for Minorities will meet on Wednesday to discuss the Justice G T Nanavati Commission report and the government's Action Taken Report on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots which were tabled in Parliament on Monday.

The NCM is an independent Constitutional body engaged in the protection of human rights of minorities in India.

NCM Chairman Tarlochan Singh told "The members of the commission are meeting on Wednesday. We are disappointed by the Nanavati report. We will take a stand on this issue after the meeting."

He said there was no benefit from the Nanvati Commission report and that "justice has not been done."

He said commissions are set up to help the government in protecting the accused and are used for political purposes.

"There was no need for the commission to probe [the riots]. Earlier also eight commissions were set up to probe the same incident. Everybody knows 3,200 Sikhs were killed in Delhi alone. The government should have taken action on its own," said Singh, a Sikh himself.

He also charged the government with deliberately delaying presenting the report to Parliament for six months.

Regarding the commission's needle of suspicion pointing at Minister Jagdish Tytler, Singh said, "It is a great accusation. The commission has clearly said Tytler was involved. But the government in its ATR has whitewashed it."

When asked if the NCM will demand a probe against Tytler as suggested by the Nanavati Commission, Singh said, "The members of the commission will take a decision collectively on this issue on Wednesday."

Ehtasham Khan in New Delhi