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May 3, 2002 | 1240 IST
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EU, US initiated most dumping probes against India

Mamata Singh

The European Union, the US and South Africa have initiated the maximum number of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases against India over the past decade.

The EU heads the list with 22 of the 69 anti-dumping cases initiated against India since 1992.

The US comes next with a dozen cases, 17 per cent of the total, closely followed by South Africa, which initiated 11 cases. Canada, Indonesia and Brazil initiated five, four and three cases, respectively.

Of the total 30 anti-subsidy cases filed against India, the EU had filed 12 cases. The US and South Africa came next with six cases each followed by Canada, which filed five anti-subsidy cases against India.

India, on the other hand, initiated the maximum cases against China, followed by the EU and Korea.

Chemicals is the sector in which the maximum number of cases were initiated.

Between 1992 and 2002, India initiated 56 anti-dumping cases in this segment.

Pharmaceuticals is second with 25 cases, followed by fibres and yarns with 13 cases initiated against imports in this category.

Ten anti-dumping cases were initiated against steel and other metals over the past 10 years while eight were initiated against consumer goods. Nine cases were taken up against other categories of goods.

With increasing awareness on dumping and better access to data, there has been a steady increase in initiation of anti-dumping cases.

India initiated the maximum number of anti-dumping probes in 2001. The country moved up from the twelfth place in 1996 to third in 1999; a reflection of the intensified demand for imposition of dumping duties as the general tariff level is being brought down.

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