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May 4, 2002 | 1230 IST
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Govt setting up systems to tackle cyber crime

Bipin Chandran

Hackers and cyber criminals watch out, the government is gearing up to institutionalise a mechanism to combat cyber crime, including a technical centre for cyber forensics.

This centre will take initiatives to prepare government agencies and law enforcement wings to face the onslaught of cyber crimes.

The centre would undertake advanced research in cyber forensic technology to determine the motives, targets, sophistication identity and location of cyber criminals and cyber terrorists.

Cyber forensics is the study and technology aimed at discovery, analysis and reconstruction of evidence extracted from any element of computer systems, computer networks, computer media and computer peripherals that allow investigators to solve cyber crimes.

This centre, set up as part of the information security programme of the department of information technology, will also help enforcement agencies to establish, develop and deploy indigenously developed tools to strengthen their capabilities in the field of combating cyber crime.

The centre will also help the enforcement agencies with required technical help and develop methodologies adhering to the rules and provisions of the IT Act 2000. It will also provide the required consultancy and services in the area of cyber forensics.

According to government sources, "This centre can also act as a resource centre for both the government and non government establishments. It will also develop commercially viable tools also."

The government, according to sources, has also released an initial allotment of Rs 3 million for financing the project from the e-commerce and IT security budget.

"The overall project cost is estimated to be Rs 1.21 million. The initial allotment has already been made," they said.

As per the proposal, the centre, in the long term, with the capability developed, can function as the authorised agency for forensic analysis for the law enforcement agencies while investigating cyber crime.

The centre would have representation from investigation agencies, experts in the field of cyber crime and the industry.

India, of late has stepped up its activities in the area of combating cyber crime, including proposing the setting up of global forum under the United Nations to chart a global cyber crime protocol.

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