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May 4, 2002 | 1510 IST
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Ten Sports says no live World Cup on DD

Bipin Chandran

Football lovers in the country may not be able to watch the FIFA World Cup football live, after all.

Ten Sports, the UAE-based cricket czar Abdul Rehman Bukhatir's television company, which won the global telecast rights for tourney, has asked DD Sports to provide only deferred transmission on its terrestrial network.

A Doordarshan source said: "Ten Sports has written to us asking not to air the Cup matches on the terrestrial network at the same time that Ten Sports airs the matches. They have communicated to us that airing realtime is not possible as Ten Sports has the exclusive rights to air the matches."

This implies that Doordarshan will not be allowed to air the football matches real-time and instead viewers will be dished out recorded versions of the game. DD Sports has rights to air the World Cup matches on its terrestrial network.

But Ten Sports says if DD Sports aired the matches live, it would be violative of the global telecast rights and terms and conditions related to it.

The sources also pointed out that DD is at present examining the proposal from Ten Sports and a decision will be taken soon.

"DD needs to take the telecast feed from Ten Sports as it has the world wide telecast rights. They have informed us that since it has the exclusive rights, DD should not air it in the terrestrial network at the same time Ten Sports airs the match," the source said.

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