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May 13, 2002 | 1155 IST
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New chip to cut cellphone radiation

BS Corporate Bureau

If you keep worrying over the harmful effects of your mobile phone, here is something that will put your fears at rest.

Austrian inventor, Gunther Zingerlie, has invented a metal chip called Strahlex-chip, which is placed inside a mobile phone.

The chip reduces the electromagnetic radiation from the phone. The good news is that the chip will soon be available in India.

The inventor has tied up with Farnad Eco Friendly, a non-government organisation, for launching the chip here.

The method is based on the capability of the chip to shield electro-smog. Electro-smog is a term used to describe artificially generated electro-magnetic pollution, meaning electric fields and magnetic fields.

Such fields arise wherever there is a voltage or a current. Electro-smog poses a new challenge for controlling environmental pollution.

Though there is still a debate on whether mobile phone radiation is harmful, various studies are trying to establish a direct correlation between mobile phones and their harmful effects.

Biochemists have confirmed that electro-magnetic radiation affects the entire human body and not a single target organ.

In this context, mobile phones, whose interference frequency band covers the long wave, medium wave, short wave and microwave ranges, appear to exert an adverse influence on health.

Research was conducted on around 140 persons in Austria, Germany, Spain and Hungary to measure the effect of cellular phones on organs of the human body.

It was observed that while using a cellular phone, a person displayed some dysfunction in the nervous system. Significant differences were also noted in the balance between the physiological functions of the body, like the stability of blood pressure, body temperature and pH-value of the blood.

The person under observation also showed signs of dizziness, memory loss, fatigue and headache.

Zingerlie found technical proof for the efficacy of the Strahlex chip in practical work and research for the treatment of water lime conversion.

In cases where the equipment was mounted next to electro-smog emitters, the lime-changing effect failed after six months. After installing the chip, the effect returned and kept its efficiency.

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