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   Ministry of Finance
   Budget 2000
   Reserve Bank of India

An in-depth online analysis of the Union Budget

    Budget Impact: Tyre

    Budget Impact: Telecom equipment

    Budget Impact: Telecom cables

    Budget Impact: Tea and coffee

    Budget Impact: Sugar

    Budget Impact: Steel

    Budget Impact: Shipping

    Budget Impact: Pharmaceuticals

    Budget Impact: Paper

    Budget Impact: Paints

    Budget Impact: Refining

    Budget Impact: Non-ferrous metals

    Budget Impact: Manmade fibres

    Budget Impact: Information Technology

    Budget Impact: Hotels

    Budget Impact: Fertilisers

    Budget Impact: Downstream petrochemicals

    Budget Impact: Cotton and cotton yarn

    Budget Impact: Consumer durables

    Budget Impact: Cigarettes

   Budget Impact: Chlor Alkalies

    Budget Impact: Cement

    Budget Impact: Other capital goods

    Budget Impact: Basic petrochemicals and polymers

    Budget Impact: Automobiles

    Budget Impact: Auto Components

    Budget Impact: Banking & Housing Finance

    Budget Impact: Roads & Ports

    Budget Impact: Telecom Services

    Budget Impact: Power

    Budget Impact: Economy

    Budget Impact: Personal Finance

  •  Budget beats expectations: CRISIL

  •  The Budget strategy: CRISIL

  •  Positive impact on on debt & MF marts: CRISIL

  •  Impact on IT, cars, cement, pharma positive: CRISIL

    Budget Impact: Budget at a glance

    Budget Impact: Favourable impact seen on equities

    Run-up to the Budget: Pharmaceuticals

    Run-up to the Budget: Hotel

    Run-up to the Budget: Cosmetics and Toiletries

    Run-up to the Budget: Tea

    Run-up to the Budget: Sugar

    Run-up to the Budget: Soaps and Detergents

    Run-up to the Budget: Coffee

    Run-up to the Budget: Cigarettes

    Run-up to the Budget: Economy

    Run-up to the Budget: Capital Markets

    Pre-budget sector focus: Information technology

    Pre-budget sector focus: Telecom cables

    Pre-budget sector focus: Telecom equipment

    Pre-budget sector focus: Telecom services

    Pre-budget sector focus: Steel

    Pre-budget sector focus: Paints

    Pre-budget sector focus: Paper

    Pre-budget sector focus: Cement

    Pre-budget sector focus: Aluminium

    Pre-budget sector focus: Tyre

    Pre-budget sector focus: Fertilisers

    Pre-budget sector focus: Polymers

    Pre-budget sector focus: Chlor alkali

    Pre-budget sector focus: Man-made fibres

    Pre-budget sector focus: Shipping

    Pre-budget sector focus: Auto and Auto Ancillaries

    Pre-budget sector focus: Auto Components

    Pre-budget sector focus: Cotton

    Pre-budget sector focus: Refining

    Pre-budget sector focus: Power

    Pre-budget sector focus: Basic petrochemicals

    Pre-budget sector focus: Downstream petrochemicals


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